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Jonsi Go Live

World tour


Creative Directors

59 Productions


"blends elements of operatic and theatrical staging and film and art installations with the lighting and dynamics of a live gig, "
link The Independent

"...None of that prepared me for one of the most incredible experiences I’ve recently had. The music was amazing, of course it was amazing, we’re talking about dedicated musicians playing their hearts out to a totally rapt audience, but the light display merged both performers and backdrop into a story that unfolded through the course of the show."
link Guttersnipe

"Spectacular visuals by the theatrical design company 59 Productions combine in a truly hypnotic performance..."
link The Guardian

"throughout his 75-minute set Friday night at Sound Academy, the audience was torn: were they more impressed with the gorgeous, lush arrangements fuelled by Jonsi's at times angelic high notes or the equally stunning visuals which accompanied the songs?"
link Toronto Sun