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La Boheme

Kennedy Center

November 2014


Washington National Opera


Jo Davies/Peter Kazaras


Lee Savage

Costume Designer

Jennifer Moeller


Ben Wright


Set Designer Lee Savage gives sweeping sets which change with fluid ease: a dingy artists loft, a glitzy Paris street half occupied by Café Momus and its lit sign, and the woods outside a tavern. These pieces combined with Lighting Designer Bruno Poet's exquisite use of shadows and contrast led the audience to applause several times. At the end of many songs and scenes, it was as if you could freeze the moments into tableaus, and look at it for far longer than the duration of the production. There were also transitions which made us all wonder "how did they do that?"
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Lighting designer Bruno Poet’s painterly tableaus and Lee Savage’s ingenious set designs steal the show, most wonderfully when Act 1’s bleak attic set opens up and transforms into Act II’s vibrant Christmas scene on the streets of Paris’ Latin Quarter.
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The simple staging works well to highlight the intimate relationships on a beautiful set by Lee Savage. It received as much applause as any aria. From the attic room lit with weak Parisian light by designer Bruno Poet, to the edge of Paris in the snow, each scene looks like a painting. The Latin Quarter is bursting with color and light and the ingenious costumes of Jennifer Moeller
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