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Sigur Ros Festivals

Eden Project

Summer 2013

Projection Designer

Sarah Hopper and Damien Hale


Equal parts hypnotic and punishing, the gig was heightened by a stunning light show – those green lasers, wow – and accompanying visuals. Taking in the illuminated biomes, the devastating soundtrack and those wondrous lasers, it almost became too much to bear. Stunning. Sigur Rós, you may well have usurped Rufus Wainwright, Pulp, the Lips and Spiritualised as the ultimate Eden Session.
link Lee Trewella, West Briton

"The best was yet to come. The band's encore saw an incredible light show light up the entire Eden Project. Strobe lights lit up the biomes, blue lasers shone from the rigging of the stage across the arena and red spotlights probed the skies as the band bought the house down in a crashing crescendo. It was an incredible end to an evening that had been almost spiritual for many in the crowd."
link North Devon Journal